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The Ivanti Workspace Control, formerly known as “RES Workspace One” a.k.a. “RES Workspace Manager” a.k.a “RES Powerfuse”, is an user context driven digital workplace manager. This sounds as a bit of a mouthful but it covers the subject. It can cleverly handle the user related settings, such as drive mappings, application configuration settings, printer mappings flexible manner.

In this blog the focus will be on installing/configuring and working using the Ivanti Workspace Control which has been published as a major release on February 4th 2020, see release notes.

While starting the installation of the Ivanti components individually you might run into a Microsoft Defender SmartScreen message as these individual components are apparently detected as “Publisher: Unknown Publisher”. To circumvent this you can just use the ~240 megabytes sized “Ivanti Workspace Control Installer”

Preparing Ivanti Workspace Control Datastore

Installing Ivanti Workspace Control Console

Installing Ivanti Workspace Control Management Portal

  • Required:
    • A running instance of Microsoft IIS 7.5 or higher
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer to access the Management Portal (other browser may not work)
    • Datastore connectivity settings/credentials
  • Optional:
    • A certificate to secure the website (alternatively a self-signed will suffice)

After installing the installer registered the Management Portal into the IIS instance under, still the old name; RES. Using the following bindings:

TypeHostnamePortIP Adress

The Ivanti Workspace Control Management Portal can be accessed, using Internet Explorer (FireFox didn’t work for me) using:


Installing Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server

Installing Ivanti Workspace Control Reporting Services

Installing Ivanti Workspace Control Desktop Sampler

Reference documentation:

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