PiMusicBox not showing Spotify playlist [FIXED]


As some point my PiMusicBox stopped showing the Spotify playlists in the PiMusicBox web interface. As far as i noticed this happened since a specific time, as one PiMusicbox is still showing the playlists and a newly installed PiMusicBox v0.60, which contains Mopidy 0.19.5, didn’t show the Spotify playlists anymore…. Read more »

Pi-Hole, the easy way to ad-blocking

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Pi-Hole, the easy way to ad-blocking, without configuring an ad-blocker per device. Even the smartphone, tablet and other devices can benefit from this easily. Just plug-in a Raspberry Pi Zero, wired, into the network. Install and configure the Pi-Hole and change your router to point the primary DNS to the… Read more »

Getting TightVNCserver started on boot


Getting TightVNCserver started on boot using a RaspberryPi can get some trouble some. So i aggregated the information from various forum posts to in order to make it work correctly. Refresh the installation of TightVNCserver sudo apt-get purge –auto-remove tightvncserver Create a TightVNCserver boot script sudo nano /etc/init.d/vncboot Content of… Read more »

Dell Perc H700 firmware upgrade under Citrix Xenserver


Updating the Dell Perc H700 raid controller firmware can be a hideous job. Let me explain how i got this done. First download the “SAS-RAID_Firmware_C3X7D_LN_12.10.6-0001_A12.BIN” file from the Dell Support website   Make sure that the file is available in your ~ directory. Either use wget of (win)scp to get… Read more »

Installing XenServer 6.5 on Dell PowerEdge R210


Firstly we set the XenServer root partition to 16GB (opposed to the default 4GB, which is kinda tight), see Major IO blog; F2 on install shell vi /opt/xensource/installer/constants.py Change the following lines; line #89 GPT_SUPPORT = False Line #92 root_size = 16384 exit — NTP Servers from NTP Pool Project… Read more »

Getting the Citrix License statistics

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clear [string]$result = (Get-Content ‘c:\temp\CTX license dingen\test.txt’)[4 .. 4] [string]$result_date = Get-Date $result_inuse = $result.substring(11,6) $result_users = $result.substring(31,6) $result_devices = $result.substring(47,6) $result_string = $result_date+”;”+$result_inuse+”;”+$result_users+”;”+$result_devices Add-Content -path ‘c:\temp\CTX license dingen\result.txt’ -Value $result_string

XenApp in search of unsupported client names


XenApp can choke on client names which contain client names which contains weird characters (according to Citrix). The result can be that the search functionality, within Citrix AppCenter, doesnt come up with any users. The other manifestation of the problem can occur in the ‘Servers’-node in the farm seems to… Read more »

How to install XenServer 6.2 patches

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Updating your free XenServer 6.2 install can be a struggle, unless you do your home-work first! So the choir is downloading the .zip files from Citrix (see links in the XenCenter console) and unpack the files. You only need the *.xsupdate files, the source files are not needed for updating… Read more »

Creating .EXE files using c# without Visual Studio.


While needing a method to time the response time of the Microsoft Active Directory services i came the conclusion that it is possible to create an .EXE using the Microsoft .NET framework software. Microsoft included a command line compiler which is able to create an .EXE from a .CS file…. Read more »

Creating a manual Netscaler backup.

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While using the Netscaler 10.0 version there is appearantly no way to create a backup of the Netscaler files. Neither the web interface nor the Netscaler console doesn’t provide a backup facility. Based on the undermentioned commands, which you can include in one single .SH file, the Netscaler can be… Read more »

Simplistic way of getting memory statistics


# $Author: berrydejager $ # $Rev: 1.0 $ # # Version control: # # 1.0 Initial version # # Functions definitions # Function GetFreeMem { Param([string]$ComputerName) Write-host “————————————————————————————” Write-host “- START SCANNING $Computername —————————————————” Write-host “————————————————————————————” Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_OperatingSystem -Namespace root/cimv2 -ComputerName . | Format-Table -Property TotalVirtualMemorySize,TotalVisibleMemorySize,FreePhysicalMemory,FreeVirtualMemory,FreeSpaceInPagingFiles Write-host “————————————————————————————” Write-host… Read more »

Screen flickers on IGEL Thin Client while using XenApp 6.x (EnableOSS)


When you experience flickering of certain (in our case on blueish) parts of an internet website which being connected to a XenApp 6.x farm using a IGEL Thin Client you might need to read these Citrix articles : CTX133935 – Flickering or Other Display Issues Might be Seen when Adaptive… Read more »

Getting statistics directly from the RES Powerfuse database


PowerFuse: MSSQL query to gather the application usage as a table compared to the cumbersome PowerFuse Usage Tracker Viewer select b.strtitle, count(1) from (select distinct a.struser, a.strtitle from dbo.TBLhistory a where a.lngappid > 1) b group by b.strtitle order by b.strtitle ; Example of the result: 7-Zip 43 Access 57… Read more »

Forcing .Net assemblies to use 32-bit processes on 64-bit platform


When a Windows application has been compiled using the “Any CPU” target register there is still a way to forcefully start the application in a 32-bit context. This can be accomplished by using the “Microsoft (R) .NET Framework CorFlags Conversion Tool” from the .Net Framework SDK (download: Microsoft Windows SDK… Read more »

How to fix the WordPress permalinks when using Lighttpd


Recently the blog has been moved over to Lighttpd. At first everything every looked happy and dandy however soon noticed that the WordPress permalinks didn’t work correctly. Lighty didn’t recognized the re-writing of the URL, which is done by the permalinks functionality. Fortunately the Apache alternative Lighttp is ver flexible… Read more »


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Function GetVersion{ Param ([string]$PrintServer = “localhost”) $Results = @() ForEach ($Driver in (Get-WmiObject Win32_PrinterDriver -ComputerName $PrintServer)) { $Drive = $Driver.DriverPath.Substring(0,1) $Results += New-Object PSObject -Property @{ Name = $Driver.Name Server = $Driver.PSComputername } Write-Host $Results } $Results } cls Add-PSSnapin Citrix* -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue $GetXAZone = Get-XAZone $XAZoneName = $GetXAZone.ZoneName $XAServerList… Read more »

Clean Internet Explorer Cache (CleanInternetExplorerCache)


# # Name: CleanInternetExplorerCache.ps1 # # Function: Clean up the Internet Explorer Cache # # $Author: Berry de Jager $ # # Version: 1.0 Initial version in powershell scripting # [string]$Version = “1.0” # RunDll32.exe InetCpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess [#] # 1 Delete History # 2 Delete Cookies # 8 Delete Temporary Internet… Read more »

Using PowerShell 3.0 in conjunction to PowerGUI 3.5


My favourite editor for PowerShell script is definitely PowerGUI from Quest Software, Inc. This editor is very intuitive and gives you a good overview on the PowerShell environment and extensive debugging features. Recently i needed to create a script to use with AppV 5.0, which is based on PowerShell 3.0. PowerGUI has an extensive support for PowerShell 2.0 and… Read more »


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# #    $Author: Berry de Jager $ #    $Rev: 2.1 $ # #    Version control: #    1.0             Initial version in powershell scripting #    2.0                Complete rewritten and using REMPROF.EXE #    2.1                Added ‘REMPROF.EXE /AD:0’ to remove all abandoned registry and directory… Read more »